Tough Times

Being suspended by the ankles is incredibly stressful and can only be endured for a long time by someone who is very fit and strong.

Being bullwhipped is something that only an experienced masochist can endure without breaking down into tears.

A girl who is able to take both at the same time, and remain calm and composed, is a very special slave, who has gone through extreme training to reach this state.  But once she has achieved this level of pain acceptance, her training cannot stop there.  Like an athlete, her training must be continuous, strenuous bondage and harsh beatings must be a regular occurance

She has to work hard at the techniques which allow her to take in the pain, to process it, to erotisize it, to crave it.  But the work is worth it for both Master and slave.  He gets a toy he can use to the very limits of his imagination.  She gets the pleasure of knowing she is pleasing him in a way very few slaves ever manage.

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