Pain through pleasure

In BDSM, there’s not always a need for whips and clamps, hot wax and needle play.  Sometimes pleasure itself can become torture.  When a submissive is overpowered and bound, the knowledge that her own orgasms can be used as a weapon against her is a powerful emotion.  Being helpless to stop the wave after wave of orgasms being forced upon her.

Sophia Sandobar is a porn star.  I’m sure you know the type, bleached blonde hair, fake tanned, fake nails.  Not the sort of girl you’d expect to find me blogging about, really.  But this sexy MILF got herself all tied up and forced to orgasm over and over again, and that is worth talking about!

To begin with, our porn star gets securely bound to a bench.  Partially suspended, her huge tits firmly tied, her legs are tied wide open.  This means that there is easy access for the next part of her fun.  A powerful fucking machine is wheeled in behind her and there’s nothing she can do about it.  She is forced to take the fucking of a lifetime, as the machine pounds her relentlessly, harder and faster than any man would ever be able to do.  As the orgasms start to build, it’s a good thing that she is gagged, or her screams would alert the neighbours!

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