Messy Girl!!

An important aspect of slave training is always punishment, and there are times when the punishment can be adapted easily to fit the crime.  This way the slave can really learn the lesson which is being taught.

Skinny slave girl Emily Sharp has displeased her Master by making an really poor effort of cooking for him.  The mash was lumpy, the sausages were cold, and the carrots were raw!  He took this as a good time to teach the brunette submissive a serious lesson in respect.

After being securely bound to the chair and having the wine poured over her head, stinging her eyes and making her mascara run, she is gagged with the disgusting sausages.  She’s not able to scream out through the food in her mouth while her nipples and clit are placed in suction cups.  Her extra sensitive parts are then tortured with the eroscilator, causing her to squirm and fight to get away, but there is no esecape from her punishment.  Finally the last of the dinner is arranged on her head, before she is left to suffer, and think of her failures.

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