Dressed for the Occasion

When setting a bdsm scene, clothing can make a very big impact on the minds of the participants.  For the Mistress, she should chose clothing which makes her feel powerful and sexy, the slave should choose (or have chosen for her) clothing which emphasises her position, which makes her feel more vulnerable.

Usually a slave will end up naked by the end of play, but sometimes it is even more powerful to keep her semi-clothed.  Total nudity, apart from collar and cuffs can be very visually pleasing, and removes anything that the submissive can hide behind, but keeping some of her clothes on, just pushing them to one side, shoving them out of the way can also send a very powerful message.

This message is made even clearer when the Mistress keeps her clothing on and neatly arranged.  As you can see in the above photos, this gorgeous asian Domme is immaculately clothed, reinforcing the blonde submissive’s humiliation as she has her dress just pushed up to expose her ass for the painful flogging she is due.

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