Fit and Healthy Slaves

It is very important for slaves to keep fit and healthy, to ensure they are able to keep up with the demands of their Owner.  But at times, when not subject to constant supervision, slaves can get lazy and forget about their important exercise rituals, and in those cases, some serious intervention is required.

Forcing a submissive through her exercises while adding various types of pain can remind her that she should be taking responsibility for her own fitness, rather than burdening her Owner with more work in keeping her fit. Pegs on her nipples while she does start jumps will cause pain as they bounce around. Cropping and caning her will distract her, making a simple workout so much harder and make her wish she had just done the workout on her own.

Of course, sometimes it is just amusing to make a chubby slave to exercise for your amusement, and of course, sometimes that’s all you need!  To watch her sweating, and getting out of breath, while you push her harder and harder!