Toe Torture!

We tend to take our feet for granted a lot of the time, and forget how many different ways there are to torture a submissive’s feet, other than forcing them into high heeled shoes or ballet boots.  But most things that you do to other parts of the body can be applied to the feet as well, for a hightened sensation.  One of the most fun things to do to feet is dripping hot wax over them.

Hot wax dripped on toes

The wax flows down to the sensitive parts between the toes, as well as burning the pads of the toes, and the sole of the foot.  When combined with bondage, the feeling can be overwhelming as there is no escape from the molton wax.

Blonde submissive in foot torture

As Little Miss Chaos discovers on ThePainFiles, you can also apply pegs and clamps to the toes, squeezing them tight, and then add electrics from the electric paddle.  There’s much more of Chaos’s foot torture, including much more hot wax and electrics applied to them, as well as caning and cropping here, and you can tell from her face how much she is struggling with the pain being applied.