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Time to get up, slavegirl

posted by on July 15th, 2011

Busty blonde slave Cherry is given a rude awakening by Magick and Jay.  She’s been lazy, so they decide to drag her out of bed and give her an alarm call she wont forget for a while.  Being dragged out of her bed while still half asleep leaves the poor slut even more vulnerable than usual to the torments being inflicted on her.  Her pain threshold is lower than usual, and she is still groggy and confused, her resistance is lowered.

dragged out of bed by master and mistress

It is hard enough to deal with playing with one dominant as a slave, it’s even harder with two.  When there is no break, just relentless pain and abuse.  Unfortunate Cherry struggles to cope with their attentions, being pulled and pushed in all directions, hands grabbing her hair, other hands pulling her pyjamas off, slapping her face.

slave tormented by dominant couple

Under this sort of treatment, it’s not long before the girl is broken down and crying, but this wicked pair aren’t done with her yet.  Gagging her with her knickers as tears run down her face, she knows that it’s going to be a long day ahead of her, full of pain, torture and bondage, and the unique challenge of trying to serve two dominants at once.

crying slut gagged with her knickers

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Sybian Blowjob

posted by on July 08th, 2011

Cute, tattooed slave Mahina Zaltana knows that she’s in for the sexual experience of her life when she arrives at her Master’s dungeon on this particular day.  He has ropes and gags set out on the table, and the Sybian in the middle of the room.  The sybian is always intense, but when combined with bondage, it really puts a girl in a position of being entirely vulnerable to her sexual expression.  She cannot fight as wave after wave of forced orgasm washes over her.

It’s not long before Mahina is bound, her big tits tied tightly, increasing their sensitivity, causing her nipples to poke out.  Seeing his submissive like this, her Master gets very turned on and decides to use her mouth as she rides the sybian.  She licks the head of his cock before slowly taking all of him into her mouth, right down her throat.  But it’s not long until she’s sucking greedily, like a slut as she is so overwhelmed by the vibration of the machine beneath her and the love of her Master’s cock in her mouth.  It’s not long until they both reach their final climax, and he covers her face in his cum.

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Flogging in the Front Room

posted by on June 03rd, 2011

The stereotype of bdsm is that it is all done in big, dark, scary dungeons, with lots of fancy furniture.  And sure, there are times when dungeons and derelict buildings and medical rooms can be great fun, but what if you want to have some fun without leaving the comfort of your home?

If you’re Ogre, and have cute red head Holly Wood in your house, then you just get on with it!

Obviously with a gorgeous slave like this in the house, you’d keep her naked at all times, so from there, all it takes is a blindfold, a gag and a little bit of rope and you’ve got her entirely at your mercy.  You don’t need expensive bondage kit to keep a submissive still, if she is well trained, a simple order should keep her in place, although, if you put her in a position like Ogre has big boobed Holly in, she’s not going to be going far even without an order to remain in place.

She’s got a difficult choice to make……… does she roll forwards, possibly ending up smothering herself in the couch?  Does she roll back, risking falling off and onto the floor?  Or does she try her hardest to remain perfectly still, no matter what tortures are inflicted on her?

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Pain through pleasure

posted by on May 06th, 2011

In BDSM, there’s not always a need for whips and clamps, hot wax and needle play.  Sometimes pleasure itself can become torture.  When a submissive is overpowered and bound, the knowledge that her own orgasms can be used as a weapon against her is a powerful emotion.  Being helpless to stop the wave after wave of orgasms being forced upon her.

Sophia Sandobar is a porn star.  I’m sure you know the type, bleached blonde hair, fake tanned, fake nails.  Not the sort of girl you’d expect to find me blogging about, really.  But this sexy MILF got herself all tied up and forced to orgasm over and over again, and that is worth talking about!

To begin with, our porn star gets securely bound to a bench.  Partially suspended, her huge tits firmly tied, her legs are tied wide open.  This means that there is easy access for the next part of her fun.  A powerful fucking machine is wheeled in behind her and there’s nothing she can do about it.  She is forced to take the fucking of a lifetime, as the machine pounds her relentlessly, harder and faster than any man would ever be able to do.  As the orgasms start to build, it’s a good thing that she is gagged, or her screams would alert the neighbours!

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Messy Girl!!

posted by on April 15th, 2011

An important aspect of slave training is always punishment, and there are times when the punishment can be adapted easily to fit the crime.  This way the slave can really learn the lesson which is being taught.

Skinny slave girl Emily Sharp has displeased her Master by making an really poor effort of cooking for him.  The mash was lumpy, the sausages were cold, and the carrots were raw!  He took this as a good time to teach the brunette submissive a serious lesson in respect.

After being securely bound to the chair and having the wine poured over her head, stinging her eyes and making her mascara run, she is gagged with the disgusting sausages.  She’s not able to scream out through the food in her mouth while her nipples and clit are placed in suction cups.  Her extra sensitive parts are then tortured with the eroscilator, causing her to squirm and fight to get away, but there is no esecape from her punishment.  Finally the last of the dinner is arranged on her head, before she is left to suffer, and think of her failures.

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