Flogging in the Front Room

The stereotype of bdsm is that it is all done in big, dark, scary dungeons, with lots of fancy furniture.  And sure, there are times when dungeons and derelict buildings and medical rooms can be great fun, but what if you want to have some fun without leaving the comfort of your home?

If you’re Ogre, and have cute red head Holly Wood in your house, then you just get on with it!

Obviously with a gorgeous slave like this in the house, you’d keep her naked at all times, so from there, all it takes is a blindfold, a gag and a little bit of rope and you’ve got her entirely at your mercy.  You don’t need expensive bondage kit to keep a submissive still, if she is well trained, a simple order should keep her in place, although, if you put her in a position like Ogre has big boobed Holly in, she’s not going to be going far even without an order to remain in place.

She’s got a difficult choice to make……… does she roll forwards, possibly ending up smothering herself in the couch?  Does she roll back, risking falling off and onto the floor?  Or does she try her hardest to remain perfectly still, no matter what tortures are inflicted on her?

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