Bound In Wood And Metal

Rope bondage is beautiful and can be used in so many different ways to restrain a slave, but it is gentle, it moulds to the shape of the submissive’s body.  Metal and wood are so much harsher, there is no give in metal restraints.  In rope, a sub can move all she wants, safe in the knowledge that the ropes, however tight they are, will move with her.  Once a girl is placed in metal and wood, all that trying to move will do is give her more pain.

Blonde, tattooed Cherry Torn is no stranger to bondage and pain, but when Bane locks her wrists and ankles into the device, she knows that this is going to be a challenging session.  Unable to move without hurting herself, she must endure the singletail whip, one of the most painful implements a Master can use on a slave.  But this is only the beginning.

Bound into a curled up position, held in place by metal tubing, all Cherry’s most vulnerable parts are on display.  First her feet are tortured with elastic bands, she can only cry out as the pain is inflicted on her sensitive soles, but she knows these are not the only parts of her available to be hurt.  Before long, Bane moves onto flogging her exposed ass and pussy

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