Multi Purpose Canes

Canes are such a wonderful toy, but they have gained a reputation for only being good for use in spanking and corporal punishment scenes.  It’s such a shame because they can be used for so many different things, as pierced slave Michiko finds out on this trip to the dungeon.  She starts out getting lots of taps of a very thin whippy cane all over her bottom.  This stings a lot and makes her scream out

She’s still strung up by her wrists in the torture room and then the canes move away from their normal use and are used to squeeze her big boobs tightly between.  They put huge pressure on her tits, pushing them forwards and increasing the blood flow to them.  This makes them even more sensitive than they are normally, by tying the canes together, you can leave them in place while her tits are tortured.

Finally, our Asian slave girl’s Master finds one more use for the canes he has on hand today.  He threads them through the piercings on her cunt, and uses them as a bizarre restraint.  The girl has to be very careful how she moves now, as each step she takes will pull on her shaved pussy.

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