Hot, Hot, Hot!

Candle wax.  It doesn’t sound like it would be anything particularly challenging to play with.  As children, most people will have played with candles, dripping wax into their hands, feeling it’s heat.  But when it comes to bdsm, there are so many more interesting places to drip wax on a person, and for a new submissive, it can be entirely overwhelming!  A single candle produces a steady drip of burning wax, but two or even three candles creates a rain of melted wax.

Blonde British porn star Donna Derriere is bound and gagged while this sadistic Master covers her whole body in wax, as she squeals and moans.  She’s never submitted before and is unsure what to expect.  The wax burns her cunt, her breasts and stomach, no part of her is spared when he puts one of the candles through the ring gag holding her mouth open. She struggles at first, but slowly becomes accostomed to the sensation. Eventually she submits to her dominant inserting one of the candles into her wax covered pussy, watching fearfully as he lights it, not knowing if he will remove it before it burns down entirely.

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