A Shocking Time

From a very young age we are taught that electricity is dangerous and something not to be fooled around with, so telling a novice submissive that you are going to use electricity on them is a good way of getting their attention and creating a high level of fear in them.  It is always most powerful to use the things that a slave has been taught to fear against her, it creates an intense psychological experience for both Dominant and submissive.

Bound Slave Shocked with electricity

This petite brunette slave is bound in the dungeon and subject to the shocks of the Violet Wand on her sensetive nipples.  The violet wand produces a sharp prickling sensation which is difficult to tolerate at the highest settings.  But this poor girl’s Master doesn’t feel that torturing her tiny tits is enough punishment at this point.

Slave has pussy tortured with electricity

He spreads her legs and uses the insertion attachment of the want to shock her delicate pussy.  This intrusion into her most sensitive parts leaves her screaming and gasping for breath as she is shocked without mercy for her Masters pleasure.

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