Building the anticipation

Anticipation and the fear of what may be coming next can be very powerful tools in manipulating the headspace of a submissive, and the process of bondage can heighten the experience.

Mature slave, Shaz knows what lays ahead of her.  She knows that what’s ahead is something that really, truely scares her to her core.  She knows that she is going to want to get away from it.  Her Master knows he cannot trust her to stay in position as he inflicts his planned tortures on her, so he securely binds her with rope.  You can see her panic building with each wrap of the rope.

It is important for a submissive to accept her Master’s bindings.  In situations like this, the bondage helps her to stay in her place, when part of her feels like it wants to escape, but the greater part of her knows that by running away, she will displease her Dominant.  A submissive’s desire is to be pleasing at all times, and a good Master understands that at times she will need help in this.

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