In the cold and the wet

Some times all that’s needed for bdsm is an outdoor location and some simple bondage.

Blonde slave outdoors

Little Miss Chaos discovers that just being left alone, outdoors in the cold and the rain can be a punishment in itself.  It’s hard to be exposed and vulnerable to the elements.  And all those bugs that come out when the ground is wet are definately not pleasant.

Blonde slave bound outdoors

Additionally, cold and wet skin is a lot more sensitive than normal, so any torments she recieves now will be intensified.  Her Master knows this and so grabs a stick he finds nearby

Cold, wet, bound slave gets punished

By time he is finished with her, she is shivering, her hair soaking wet and red welts raising on her skin.  you can see more of Little Miss Chaos, and other slaves in outdoor torture on ThePainfiles