Suspension’s just not enough

Suspension bondage puts a lot of strain on the slave’s body and can be quiet a scary experience for someone new to bondage.  You have to let go and trust the ropes, and the person that tied them.  You have to control your breathing and not panic as a lot of suspensions put pressure on the chest.  In suspension you are entirely vulnerable.  Your Master can spin you around, raise you off the ground, lower you down, push you from side to side.  But you are also vulnerable to whatever else he wants to do to you.

Slave girl in suspension bondage

Lifestyle slavegirl Mystique is suspended in bondage while her Master sits back and enjoys the view.  But he soon thinks that there is not enough stress for his painslut, so adds a few more touches of his own.

Suspended slave cunt with clamps and weights

A heavy weight attached to her cunt to make sure she really knows who she belongs to!!  Mystique’s Master puts her through all sorts of different trials at Female Pain