Bizarre messy humiliation

It doens’t always need pain and bondage to get into a submissive’s head.  Humiliation can be just as powerful a training tool if used correctly.

Slave nimue in messy training

If, for example, your slave fails to produce you a suitably tastey meal then it is very easy to teach them.  Shove her face in a bowl of mud, and then in a bowl of your favourite minced meat and see if she can tell the difference.  Make her taste as many disgusting combinations of food as you can come up with.

Or use up all those half empty jars and bottles of sauce left in the fridge.  Cover her in the scraps left over from your meal.  Fuck her with a cucumber while covering her in salad dressing.

Slave nimue in food humiliaiton

She’ll soon learn that she needs to take care in her service to you.  Nimue definately did over at ThePainFiles