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Bad Maid

posted by on May 20th, 2011

This cute little fetish maid has been bad.  She has been lazy and not completed the work her strict Mistress has left for her to do.  When her Owner returns home at the end of the day, she is not pleased.  She goes out and works hard, and all she requires is that the slave cleans the house before she gets home, and she does not think that is too much to ask for!  It’s not the first time it’s happened either, so she knows it’s time to act and punish  the disobedient girl to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Placed in severe bondage, the maid is forced to bend over, exposing her ass for her blonde bombshell Mistress to beat.  The petite brunette submissive must endure this humiliating and exposing position while her Mistress first uses a riding crop to redden her bum, before whipping her mercilessly with a flogger, all the while making the girl ask for more punishment.  It may seem harsh, but with some sluts, harsh punishment is the only way they will learn to improve their behaviour

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Breath Play Sluts

posted by on March 11th, 2011

Breath play is something which is controversial in BDSM circles, because of it’s inherant risks.  But there will always be people who take part in it, because they love the feelings and sensations it creates in them.  When doing breath play with an experienced dominant, the submissive will feel trust, and fear, as they place their live in someone else’s hands.  They will also experience powerful physical sensations from the lack of oxygen to the brain.  These sensations range from lightheadedness, to euphoria, the latter being why some people get addicted to breath play, they want to experience that high again.

There are many different ways of doing breath play, and this sexy role play set with Natali Demore and Lexi Belle shows just one of them – smothering.

Smothering can be done by hand, or with any non pourous material.  It can even be done with sheer materials, in which case it doesn’t totally stop air being sucked through, but makes it more difficult.  When done like this, the submissive can feel like she is struggling to breathe, while actually being able to take full breaths, so it is a great mindfuck!

After a breath play session, it is quite normal for a submissive to feel very tired, and also incredibly turned on!

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A Shocking Time

posted by on February 04th, 2011

From a very young age we are taught that electricity is dangerous and something not to be fooled around with, so telling a novice submissive that you are going to use electricity on them is a good way of getting their attention and creating a high level of fear in them.  It is always most powerful to use the things that a slave has been taught to fear against her, it creates an intense psychological experience for both Dominant and submissive.

Bound Slave Shocked with electricity

This petite brunette slave is bound in the dungeon and subject to the shocks of the Violet Wand on her sensetive nipples.  The violet wand produces a sharp prickling sensation which is difficult to tolerate at the highest settings.  But this poor girl’s Master doesn’t feel that torturing her tiny tits is enough punishment at this point.

Slave has pussy tortured with electricity

He spreads her legs and uses the insertion attachment of the want to shock her delicate pussy.  This intrusion into her most sensitive parts leaves her screaming and gasping for breath as she is shocked without mercy for her Masters pleasure.

This is only part of this girl’s torture for the day, see what else she’s subjected to in this twisted bdsm scene here, or check out Sadoslaves for more cute submissives and slaves being pushed to their limits.

First time on camera

posted by on January 07th, 2011

One of the keys to a good bdsm scene is pacing, especially with beginners.  You dont want to rush in too hard too fast and have a scene only lasting 5 minutes, but you also dont want to take it so slowly that you both get bored!! You need to start out slowly, introducing a bit of pain at a time, allowing the endorphines to get released into the slave’s blood stream – these are the hormones that will allow her to take more and more pain as the session goes on.

You can see in this clip from canadian slavegirl Lyarah’s first ever movie shoot on ThePainfiles, that Magick starts out slowly, just teasing to start with.  He slowly starts to expose her body, while getting her to follow simple orders.  You can tell by the way her hips are swaying by the end of the clip that she’s very much enjoying it and eager for more!!!