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Welcoming the New Girl

posted by on August 12th, 2011

It’s always hard adding a new girl to the stable, and there are many different way of handling it.  The dominant always has to stay in control of the situation though, and make sure the girls accept each other.  This Master has a great way of dealing with it.  Andrea is blindfolded and dragged into the room, unaware there’s anyone other than her and her Master there.  However, experienced slave Jay is already kneeling there, waiting.  Jay knows something is about to happen, but not what.

Jay must watch as new slut Andrea is slowly stripped and played with.  She knows she must stay totally silent, otherwise she will be in big trouble.  She watched the big-boobed brunette have her top pulled down, and her skirt pulled up to reveal her shaved pussy.  The psychological impact of this on Jay is powerful.  She must face up to the fact that she is not her Master’s one and only slave any more.

And what way to better send this message home than to have Jay lick the new girls cunt?  She must remain on her knees and bring Andrea to orgasm before being allowed any form of pleasure for herself.

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Bondage for Sex

posted by on August 05th, 2011

Bondage is sexy, and that’s why we do it!  Sure, there’s a lot of gorgeous tied up girls in beautiful rope bondage around on the internet, but I’m betting you get horny looking at them!  But most of these ladies seem to be left alone, not having anything done to them, and definately not being fucked.

blonde bondage whore in rope

I’m not sure why this is.  Some bondage, especially suspension make fucking just so easy!  With a beautiful girl like Nicki Blue tied up in your ropes, wouldn’t you want to fuck her?  She is entirely helpless and vulnerable, but every part of her is accessable as well.  With her legs tied out, you can easily get in and fuck her tight little ass and pussy.   And of course, you can still spank that sexy butt as you use her.

facefucked in suspension

And her head is at a perfect angle for you to fuck her pretty little blonde face.  As long as you have a good grip on the ropes, she’s not going anywhere, and you can move her as fast or as slow as you want, pulling her deeper onto your cock, filling up her mouth.  She can’t struggle, she can’t do anything other than be your very own little sex doll.

Nicki Blue sucks cock

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Quiet and controlled

posted by on May 13th, 2011

A good bdsm scene is about the little things, not the big things.  It’s about trust, and a connection between two people.  It can be about turning your submissive into a screaming sobbing mess, but it can also be about taking her to subspace in a different way.  It can be almost meditative and spiritual, leaving the slave in a place of quiet acceptance and submission, pushing her quietly and gently to her limits, with her barely being aware you are taking her there.

Lyarah is already in the headspace of being totally passive after having huge amounts of wax dripped all over her naked body, so now comes the time to push her.  With needles piercing her eyelids, effectively blindfolding her, her master goes to work with the rest of her face and body.  Needles with candles pierce her cheeks and her arms.  She accepts the pain, breathing through it, accepting her fate.

The finale is yet to come though, as each of the candles is lit in turn.  She must hold perfectly still, or risk burning herself in the candles flame.  But she does it, holding her mental bondage, no need for physical ties, without moving, knowing that she has pleased her Master by becoming his perfect, beautiful candle holder, for those few short moments before the candles burn down.

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Messy Girl!!

posted by on April 15th, 2011

An important aspect of slave training is always punishment, and there are times when the punishment can be adapted easily to fit the crime.  This way the slave can really learn the lesson which is being taught.

Skinny slave girl Emily Sharp has displeased her Master by making an really poor effort of cooking for him.  The mash was lumpy, the sausages were cold, and the carrots were raw!  He took this as a good time to teach the brunette submissive a serious lesson in respect.

After being securely bound to the chair and having the wine poured over her head, stinging her eyes and making her mascara run, she is gagged with the disgusting sausages.  She’s not able to scream out through the food in her mouth while her nipples and clit are placed in suction cups.  Her extra sensitive parts are then tortured with the eroscilator, causing her to squirm and fight to get away, but there is no esecape from her punishment.  Finally the last of the dinner is arranged on her head, before she is left to suffer, and think of her failures.

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Extreme Trust Play

posted by on March 04th, 2011

Some types of play take more trust than other types of play, not only from the submissive, but from their Dominant as well.  You can see this sort of play in this photo set with Miss Chaos.

Extreme facial piercingLip Piercing

Outdoors in the countryside, the blonde slave has to trust her Master as he places needles through her lips.  She needs to know that He isn’t going to damage her as she submits to this humiliating and dehmanising treatment.  Disfiguring someones face is a powerful show of the control you have over them – that you can take even their most prominant feature, the facade that they show the world and change it to your own will, making them as beautiful or as ugly as you choose.

facial piercingfacial piercing

But when you are working in an area as intimate as the face, the Dom has to trust the submissive.  He has to trust that she wont move and cause injury to herself.  This is really an intense test of if his training is working, if she is able to hold the mental bondage he places her in as well as she would hold in physical bondage, even once she is unable to communicate or see because of the needles piercing her lips and eyebrows.

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