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Hot Wax Torture

posted by on July 01st, 2011

Switches get looked down a lot often in the BDSM community, but they bring an extra element of understanding to their play either as submissive or dominant.  Sexy brunette, Crystel Lei is an experience submissive, but she is able to bring that knowledge of being on the receiving end, to her play as a Mistress as well.

Little Miss Chaos is bound and left in the sadistic hands of Mistress Crystel and she knows that she’s not in for an easy ride.  Our blonde slave is apprehensive as she see the candles being lit, but she knows she can’t get away, she is here until Mistress is done with her.  She has to submit to whatever tortures are deemed appropriate

Crystel has been on the receiving end of hot wax many times before, and knows exactly where to direct the drips for maximum impact.  She drips the wax over Chaos’ most sensitive parts, her inner thighs, her tiny boobs and eventually working down to her exposed, shaved pussy.  Chaos squirms and screams as she tries to process the pain, but she is in the hands of an expert now, a sadistic switch who is out for revenge!

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Quiet and controlled

posted by on May 13th, 2011

A good bdsm scene is about the little things, not the big things.  It’s about trust, and a connection between two people.  It can be about turning your submissive into a screaming sobbing mess, but it can also be about taking her to subspace in a different way.  It can be almost meditative and spiritual, leaving the slave in a place of quiet acceptance and submission, pushing her quietly and gently to her limits, with her barely being aware you are taking her there.

Lyarah is already in the headspace of being totally passive after having huge amounts of wax dripped all over her naked body, so now comes the time to push her.  With needles piercing her eyelids, effectively blindfolding her, her master goes to work with the rest of her face and body.  Needles with candles pierce her cheeks and her arms.  She accepts the pain, breathing through it, accepting her fate.

The finale is yet to come though, as each of the candles is lit in turn.  She must hold perfectly still, or risk burning herself in the candles flame.  But she does it, holding her mental bondage, no need for physical ties, without moving, knowing that she has pleased her Master by becoming his perfect, beautiful candle holder, for those few short moments before the candles burn down.

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

posted by on March 18th, 2011

Candle wax.  It doesn’t sound like it would be anything particularly challenging to play with.  As children, most people will have played with candles, dripping wax into their hands, feeling it’s heat.  But when it comes to bdsm, there are so many more interesting places to drip wax on a person, and for a new submissive, it can be entirely overwhelming!  A single candle produces a steady drip of burning wax, but two or even three candles creates a rain of melted wax.

Blonde British porn star Donna Derriere is bound and gagged while this sadistic Master covers her whole body in wax, as she squeals and moans.  She’s never submitted before and is unsure what to expect.  The wax burns her cunt, her breasts and stomach, no part of her is spared when he puts one of the candles through the ring gag holding her mouth open. She struggles at first, but slowly becomes accostomed to the sensation. Eventually she submits to her dominant inserting one of the candles into her wax covered pussy, watching fearfully as he lights it, not knowing if he will remove it before it burns down entirely.

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Toe Torture!

posted by on February 18th, 2011

We tend to take our feet for granted a lot of the time, and forget how many different ways there are to torture a submissive’s feet, other than forcing them into high heeled shoes or ballet boots.  But most things that you do to other parts of the body can be applied to the feet as well, for a hightened sensation.  One of the most fun things to do to feet is dripping hot wax over them.

Hot wax dripped on toes

The wax flows down to the sensitive parts between the toes, as well as burning the pads of the toes, and the sole of the foot.  When combined with bondage, the feeling can be overwhelming as there is no escape from the molton wax.

Blonde submissive in foot torture

As Little Miss Chaos discovers on ThePainFiles, you can also apply pegs and clamps to the toes, squeezing them tight, and then add electrics from the electric paddle.  There’s much more of Chaos’s foot torture, including much more hot wax and electrics applied to them, as well as caning and cropping here, and you can tell from her face how much she is struggling with the pain being applied.

Big Tits, Hot Wax

posted by on February 11th, 2011

There are just so many great fun things to do with big tits that you can’t do with small tits.  When you bind them tight, their sensitivity increases dramatically,  and just a gentle tap can be incredibly painful.  However, they can also be incredibly useful once tied tight, as they are incredibly firm.  As you can see in this video, this big titted, tattooed slave has her breasts bound, and she’s then put to use as a candle holder.


Once her breasts are tightly tied and covered in hot wax, she is turned into a piece of furniture to be used as decoration for her Master’s dungeon.  But he soon gets bored of this and decides to remove the solid wax from her breasts with a cane, while she squeals and squirms because of the pain on her swollen tits.

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