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posted by on August 19th, 2011

There is that moment in a bdsm scene, just after the restraints go on, before anything else happens.  That is a powerful moment for both dominant and submissive.  Anything could happen, this scene could take them anywhere, it could be lighthearted and fun, or a scene which pushes both to their mental and physical limits.

Cherry Torn is bound, arms behind her back, pushing her full breasts out, inviting play.  She knows there is about to be pain, maybe on her breasts, more than probably on her thighs, thanks to the wicked elastic bands on them.  She can use this moment of anticipation to calm herself, to prepare to be pushed.

When he walks around her, the tension builds, she knows the first stroke of the whip could land at any moment, anywhere on her exposed body.  He knows that this messes with her head, so draws it out, swinging the flogger through the air a few times, without hitting her.

Then he binds her carefully in rope in another position.   She knows that only one thing can happen now, she’s going to get fucked.  Her pussy starts getting wet, as she waits for him, this is the worst tease of all.

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Bound In Wood And Metal

posted by on June 10th, 2011

Rope bondage is beautiful and can be used in so many different ways to restrain a slave, but it is gentle, it moulds to the shape of the submissive’s body.  Metal and wood are so much harsher, there is no give in metal restraints.  In rope, a sub can move all she wants, safe in the knowledge that the ropes, however tight they are, will move with her.  Once a girl is placed in metal and wood, all that trying to move will do is give her more pain.

Blonde, tattooed Cherry Torn is no stranger to bondage and pain, but when Bane locks her wrists and ankles into the device, she knows that this is going to be a challenging session.  Unable to move without hurting herself, she must endure the singletail whip, one of the most painful implements a Master can use on a slave.  But this is only the beginning.

Bound into a curled up position, held in place by metal tubing, all Cherry’s most vulnerable parts are on display.  First her feet are tortured with elastic bands, she can only cry out as the pain is inflicted on her sensitive soles, but she knows these are not the only parts of her available to be hurt.  Before long, Bane moves onto flogging her exposed ass and pussy

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Bad Maid

posted by on May 20th, 2011

This cute little fetish maid has been bad.  She has been lazy and not completed the work her strict Mistress has left for her to do.  When her Owner returns home at the end of the day, she is not pleased.  She goes out and works hard, and all she requires is that the slave cleans the house before she gets home, and she does not think that is too much to ask for!  It’s not the first time it’s happened either, so she knows it’s time to act and punish  the disobedient girl to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Placed in severe bondage, the maid is forced to bend over, exposing her ass for her blonde bombshell Mistress to beat.  The petite brunette submissive must endure this humiliating and exposing position while her Mistress first uses a riding crop to redden her bum, before whipping her mercilessly with a flogger, all the while making the girl ask for more punishment.  It may seem harsh, but with some sluts, harsh punishment is the only way they will learn to improve their behaviour

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Dressed for the Occasion

posted by on April 01st, 2011

When setting a bdsm scene, clothing can make a very big impact on the minds of the participants.  For the Mistress, she should chose clothing which makes her feel powerful and sexy, the slave should choose (or have chosen for her) clothing which emphasises her position, which makes her feel more vulnerable.

Usually a slave will end up naked by the end of play, but sometimes it is even more powerful to keep her semi-clothed.  Total nudity, apart from collar and cuffs can be very visually pleasing, and removes anything that the submissive can hide behind, but keeping some of her clothes on, just pushing them to one side, shoving them out of the way can also send a very powerful message.

This message is made even clearer when the Mistress keeps her clothing on and neatly arranged.  As you can see in the above photos, this gorgeous asian Domme is immaculately clothed, reinforcing the blonde submissive’s humiliation as she has her dress just pushed up to expose her ass for the painful flogging she is due.

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Hanging by the ankles

posted by on December 17th, 2010

Being suspended upside down can be extremely disorientating, even more so than regular suspension.  Once up there and hanging by your feet, you loose all sense of up, or down, or front or back.   So what better time than this to give your slave a good all over flogging?

You can check out this link to see more videos of this playful, defiant girl.  And make sure you’ve got your speakers on, cos she makes the most adorable noises when she’s all tied up, helpless and being hurt!!

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