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Fit and Healthy Slaves

posted by on February 25th, 2011

It is very important for slaves to keep fit and healthy, to ensure they are able to keep up with the demands of their Owner.  But at times, when not subject to constant supervision, slaves can get lazy and forget about their important exercise rituals, and in those cases, some serious intervention is required.

Forcing a submissive through her exercises while adding various types of pain can remind her that she should be taking responsibility for her own fitness, rather than burdening her Owner with more work in keeping her fit. Pegs on her nipples while she does start jumps will cause pain as they bounce around. Cropping and caning her will distract her, making a simple workout so much harder and make her wish she had just done the workout on her own.

Of course, sometimes it is just amusing to make a chubby slave to exercise for your amusement, and of course, sometimes that’s all you need!  To watch her sweating, and getting out of breath, while you push her harder and harder!

First time on camera

posted by on January 07th, 2011

One of the keys to a good bdsm scene is pacing, especially with beginners.  You dont want to rush in too hard too fast and have a scene only lasting 5 minutes, but you also dont want to take it so slowly that you both get bored!! You need to start out slowly, introducing a bit of pain at a time, allowing the endorphines to get released into the slave’s blood stream – these are the hormones that will allow her to take more and more pain as the session goes on.

You can see in this clip from canadian slavegirl Lyarah’s first ever movie shoot on ThePainfiles, that Magick starts out slowly, just teasing to start with.  He slowly starts to expose her body, while getting her to follow simple orders.  You can tell by the way her hips are swaying by the end of the clip that she’s very much enjoying it and eager for more!!!

Runaway slavegirl caught and bound

posted by on October 22nd, 2010

PD is the sort of man who expects complete obedience from the girls under his control.  And a girl as tough as Sarah Jane Ceylon should be able to give him that obedience.  But for some reason, this foolish slave decides that she wants to try and run away. Maybe she did want to get away.  Maybe she just wanted the punishment she knew she would get for trying to escape.

But either way, Sarah Jane isn’t a normal slave, and just a beating is never gonna teach this painslut a lesson.  PD warms her up with some severe bondage and breath play, before suspending her and fucking her, to show her just who her dirty little cunt belongs to.

Hours of torment

posted by on October 08th, 2010

A lot of bdsm scenes last an hour or so.  But sometimes, this reallly isn’t long enough to do everything you want to do, not enough time to take the slave right to breaking point and pull her back.  Not enough time to take her to the edge of her limits, ease off and then push her that little bit harder the next time, eventually taking her well beyind where she ever thought she would be capable of going.

Charlotte Vale is tied up and helpless at the hands of Damon Pearce and Sister Dee.  The bondage in iteself is strenuous enough

Slave Charlotte bound open and caned

Add to that the cane on her exposed inner thighs and she’s going to start struggling.

Bound slave forced to cum

Add a vibrator and a big dildo in her cunt and she’s gonna go over the edge.

But for Charlotte, this is the end.  This is the finale of hours of torture at the hands of the Real Time Bondage Tops and members.  She’s been pushed in so many ways, in so many different directions.  She’s been entirely helpless to stop the flow of tortures coming at her from all angles.

This sort of experience is at the extremes of what a slave can deal with.  To endure for this length of time, to suffer for so many unseen faces takes strength.  Physical strength and mental.