Summer Hart face sitting

Summer’s juicy peach

Summer Hart walks into her bedroom, watching as her black boyfriend obediently follows behind her. She knows he can’t resist her, especially when she’s wearing his favorite tight leggings. She teases him with her words as she lies on the bed, commanding him to lay beneath her. Summer loves ass worship!

He climbs onto the bed, happy and horny, his hard-on growing as his eyes trail over that stunning booty. He can hardly believe that she’s his girl, that her sweet booty is something he can call his own. But who’s the boss here? Something tells us Summer is the one calling the shots!

“Get a good look at these leggings,” she taunts, as she lowers her luscious ass onto his face. “You like it when I sit on your face? When I slap my ass?” Her voice drips with seduction as she tortures him with anticipation.

“I’ve been at yoga all afternoon,” she continues, knowing that the thought of her sweaty body will drive him wild. “Don’t touch, not yet!” she scolds playfully, knowing that he’ll obey. He holds back and waits, letting her maintain the illusion that she’s truly in control of him. For now, perhaps she is, but later…

He moans helplessly as she grinds into his face, unable to resist the intoxicating scent of her sweaty ass through the thin fabric of her leggings. But Summer isn’t finished teasing him yet. She relishes her ability to tease and taunt him, to hold him back when he wants to go crazy on that ass. It makes her feel so powerful.

“Let me peel my leggings off,” she whispers seductively, “so you can eat my white booty.” And with that, she slowly begins to remove her leggings, revealing a perfect round ass and luscious curves. It’s no wonder that the peach emoji is used to represent this most perfect juicy part of a woman’s anatomy. And he just can’t wait to take a bite!

But the ultimate challenge has yet to present itself. Summer is about to say the words he’s been waiting for, the ones that will light him on fire. “Now hold your breath,” she orders sternly. “And let’s see how long you can last.”

He obeys, struggling to hold his breath as she smothers him with her gorgeous ass. He knows he shouldn’t enjoy this so much, but he can’t help himself. He’s completely under her control.

As he gasps for air once she finally releases him, Summer smirks down at him triumphantly, doing it over and over again just to drive him crazy with temptation and desire. She knows just how to push his buttons and leave him begging for more.

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