Muddy Fantasies

As a dominant, we must always be aware that slaves have their fantasies too, and we can learn a lot about a girl by hearing what her fantasies are, and then we can have a lot of fun acting them out!

314 looks like a sweet girl, but she’s got some dark places that her mind drifts off to when she is alone in bed, playing with herself.  She knows how she needs to be treated, she wants to be used like a toy, to be humiliated and degraded, never feeling any affection or love from her abuser.  She wants to feel worthless.


Of course, PD is the sort of guy who loves to give girls like 314 what she needs.  He uses all the tools at his disposal to work over her body, and in that way, reach into her mind.  He begins by binding her, leaving her alone and helpless in the grass.  With wrists and ankles securely tied behind her, she can’t move away.  But by the end of the day, mouth held wide open with a  gag, and covered in mud, showing what a filthy little whore she is………. does she really want to get away, or has she finally found home?

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