Hooded and Sensation Deprived

Hoods can be a great tool in BDSM, as they have all sorts of uses.  They can be used very effectively for sensory deprivation as they can cut off sight, hearing and smell all at once.  This leaves the submissive feeling very vulnerable, as they have no way of knowing what is going to happen next.  They are also great for objectification as they take away a person’s biggest identifying feature – their face.

Hoods can also provide lots of new possibilities for bondage.  Many have built in D rings which can be used to attach to body parts, nipple clamps or pieces of furniture.

Gas masks are a slightly different type of hood, but they have a lot of the same benefits as a regular leather hood, with one bonus, the possibility for breathe play.

The tube coming out of the side of the mask can be left uncovered to allow the slave to breathe freely.  But her breathing can also be controlled easily by covering the end of the tube.

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