Pony Gagged

Gags are a very useful tool for bdsm play.  They reduce the amount of noise and screaming a submissive can do, and they also make lots of humiliating drool.  But I think they are often overlooked as something to make the submissive look pretty, and just that little bit less human.

Naked redhaired slave

In this picture, Fiona (of Shadowslaves) looks very pretty.  Gorgeous flame red hair and perky boobs.

Redhead slave gagged

But doesn’t she look totally arodable in this head harness gag?  There’s an innocence in her eyes, a silent plea that you not be too mean to her.  But she can’t complain, she can’t speak.  All she can do is silently stand there.  A pretty pet to play with, or a beautiful piece of art to decorate the room with, but not a person any more.  The pony gag takes care of that.