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posted by on August 19th, 2011

There is that moment in a bdsm scene, just after the restraints go on, before anything else happens.  That is a powerful moment for both dominant and submissive.  Anything could happen, this scene could take them anywhere, it could be lighthearted and fun, or a scene which pushes both to their mental and physical limits.

Cherry Torn is bound, arms behind her back, pushing her full breasts out, inviting play.  She knows there is about to be pain, maybe on her breasts, more than probably on her thighs, thanks to the wicked elastic bands on them.  She can use this moment of anticipation to calm herself, to prepare to be pushed.

When he walks around her, the tension builds, she knows the first stroke of the whip could land at any moment, anywhere on her exposed body.  He knows that this messes with her head, so draws it out, swinging the flogger through the air a few times, without hitting her.

Then he binds her carefully in rope in another position.   She knows that only one thing can happen now, she’s going to get fucked.  Her pussy starts getting wet, as she waits for him, this is the worst tease of all.

Sexy girls in hot bondage at Fucked and Bound

Bondage for Sex

posted by on August 05th, 2011

Bondage is sexy, and that’s why we do it!  Sure, there’s a lot of gorgeous tied up girls in beautiful rope bondage around on the internet, but I’m betting you get horny looking at them!  But most of these ladies seem to be left alone, not having anything done to them, and definately not being fucked.

blonde bondage whore in rope

I’m not sure why this is.  Some bondage, especially suspension make fucking just so easy!  With a beautiful girl like Nicki Blue tied up in your ropes, wouldn’t you want to fuck her?  She is entirely helpless and vulnerable, but every part of her is accessable as well.  With her legs tied out, you can easily get in and fuck her tight little ass and pussy.   And of course, you can still spank that sexy butt as you use her.

facefucked in suspension

And her head is at a perfect angle for you to fuck her pretty little blonde face.  As long as you have a good grip on the ropes, she’s not going anywhere, and you can move her as fast or as slow as you want, pulling her deeper onto your cock, filling up her mouth.  She can’t struggle, she can’t do anything other than be your very own little sex doll.

Nicki Blue sucks cock

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Playing Around

posted by on June 17th, 2011

Suspension bondage can be all sorts of fun, but it doesn’t have to be a boring, one position thing.  One of the most fun things about rope bondage is the ability to progress through different positions, this means that the submissive can be in the air much longer, as the pressure and stresses can be moved around, so one body part isn’t under the strain the whole time.

Fetish model Kumi Monster is well known for her suspension bondage work and in these photos, you can see why

Kumi twists around in the rope, creating different positions with her body, enjoying the sensation of being in the air and what the rope does to her.  All a ropeslut needs is the rope, no fancy SM equipment, no sex toys, just the feeling of the rope on their skin, the shapes the bonds pull her body into.  Kumi loves it as more and more rope is added, and removed, pulling her around, letting her feel the freedom of her bondage.

More slaves in rope bondage at ThePainFiles

Tough Times

posted by on April 29th, 2011

Being suspended by the ankles is incredibly stressful and can only be endured for a long time by someone who is very fit and strong.

Being bullwhipped is something that only an experienced masochist can endure without breaking down into tears.

A girl who is able to take both at the same time, and remain calm and composed, is a very special slave, who has gone through extreme training to reach this state.  But once she has achieved this level of pain acceptance, her training cannot stop there.  Like an athlete, her training must be continuous, strenuous bondage and harsh beatings must be a regular occurance

She has to work hard at the techniques which allow her to take in the pain, to process it, to erotisize it, to crave it.  But the work is worth it for both Master and slave.  He gets a toy he can use to the very limits of his imagination.  She gets the pleasure of knowing she is pleasing him in a way very few slaves ever manage.

More slaves suspended and whipped at PainGate

Hanging by the ankles

posted by on December 17th, 2010

Being suspended upside down can be extremely disorientating, even more so than regular suspension.  Once up there and hanging by your feet, you loose all sense of up, or down, or front or back.   So what better time than this to give your slave a good all over flogging?

You can check out this link to see more videos of this playful, defiant girl.  And make sure you’ve got your speakers on, cos she makes the most adorable noises when she’s all tied up, helpless and being hurt!!

Or you can just go check out SocietySM where they have loads of gorgeous girls being tormented!

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