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Electro Shock Sex

posted by on August 26th, 2011

Chanta Rose has a lot of experience of handling difficult submissives, but when Laila Mason arrives in the dungeon, this experienced Mistress faces a challenge like she’s never faced before.  Laila has never done any form of bdsm before, she’s never been tied up and she has definately never had electric shocks applied to her most delicate parts.

Chanta is not one to go easy on the new girls though and it’s not long before Laila’s true personality comes through as she is bound, legs spread to a pallet and has her tender pussy flogged for Chanta’s amusement.  She can handle the pain, and she enjoys it, but this girl is not submissive.  She fights her bonds and talks back to her Domme.  It’s not unusual for a new girl to not know how she is going to react to things. The fantasy of submitting to someone is very different to the reality of it.

When Chanta inserts an electrical plug into the slut’s pussy, she knows the pain is only going to increase, and her phsycial pleasure is going to get more and more, but her head is still fighting what is happening.  Realising you are at the mercy of another person is a scary thing, and some girls struggle to deal with what it means to them.

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Welcoming the New Girl

posted by on August 12th, 2011

It’s always hard adding a new girl to the stable, and there are many different way of handling it.  The dominant always has to stay in control of the situation though, and make sure the girls accept each other.  This Master has a great way of dealing with it.  Andrea is blindfolded and dragged into the room, unaware there’s anyone other than her and her Master there.  However, experienced slave Jay is already kneeling there, waiting.  Jay knows something is about to happen, but not what.

Jay must watch as new slut Andrea is slowly stripped and played with.  She knows she must stay totally silent, otherwise she will be in big trouble.  She watched the big-boobed brunette have her top pulled down, and her skirt pulled up to reveal her shaved pussy.  The psychological impact of this on Jay is powerful.  She must face up to the fact that she is not her Master’s one and only slave any more.

And what way to better send this message home than to have Jay lick the new girls cunt?  She must remain on her knees and bring Andrea to orgasm before being allowed any form of pleasure for herself.

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Muddy Fantasies

posted by on July 22nd, 2011

As a dominant, we must always be aware that slaves have their fantasies too, and we can learn a lot about a girl by hearing what her fantasies are, and then we can have a lot of fun acting them out!

314 looks like a sweet girl, but she’s got some dark places that her mind drifts off to when she is alone in bed, playing with herself.  She knows how she needs to be treated, she wants to be used like a toy, to be humiliated and degraded, never feeling any affection or love from her abuser.  She wants to feel worthless.


Of course, PD is the sort of guy who loves to give girls like 314 what she needs.  He uses all the tools at his disposal to work over her body, and in that way, reach into her mind.  He begins by binding her, leaving her alone and helpless in the grass.  With wrists and ankles securely tied behind her, she can’t move away.  But by the end of the day, mouth held wide open with a  gag, and covered in mud, showing what a filthy little whore she is………. does she really want to get away, or has she finally found home?

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Sybian Blowjob

posted by on July 08th, 2011

Cute, tattooed slave Mahina Zaltana knows that she’s in for the sexual experience of her life when she arrives at her Master’s dungeon on this particular day.  He has ropes and gags set out on the table, and the Sybian in the middle of the room.  The sybian is always intense, but when combined with bondage, it really puts a girl in a position of being entirely vulnerable to her sexual expression.  She cannot fight as wave after wave of forced orgasm washes over her.

It’s not long before Mahina is bound, her big tits tied tightly, increasing their sensitivity, causing her nipples to poke out.  Seeing his submissive like this, her Master gets very turned on and decides to use her mouth as she rides the sybian.  She licks the head of his cock before slowly taking all of him into her mouth, right down her throat.  But it’s not long until she’s sucking greedily, like a slut as she is so overwhelmed by the vibration of the machine beneath her and the love of her Master’s cock in her mouth.  It’s not long until they both reach their final climax, and he covers her face in his cum.

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Hot Wax Torture

posted by on July 01st, 2011

Switches get looked down a lot often in the BDSM community, but they bring an extra element of understanding to their play either as submissive or dominant.  Sexy brunette, Crystel Lei is an experience submissive, but she is able to bring that knowledge of being on the receiving end, to her play as a Mistress as well.

Little Miss Chaos is bound and left in the sadistic hands of Mistress Crystel and she knows that she’s not in for an easy ride.  Our blonde slave is apprehensive as she see the candles being lit, but she knows she can’t get away, she is here until Mistress is done with her.  She has to submit to whatever tortures are deemed appropriate

Crystel has been on the receiving end of hot wax many times before, and knows exactly where to direct the drips for maximum impact.  She drips the wax over Chaos’ most sensitive parts, her inner thighs, her tiny boobs and eventually working down to her exposed, shaved pussy.  Chaos squirms and screams as she tries to process the pain, but she is in the hands of an expert now, a sadistic switch who is out for revenge!

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