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Creativity In The Cage

posted by on September 16th, 2011

Candy Mason is a gorgeous, big titted blonde who loves to play with rope and bondage, but she loves cages as well.  She loves to be tied and fucked, but quite often this is hard to do in a cage, especially her favourite standing cage.

However, on this occasion, her Master has a brilliant idea of how to combine all her favourite things.  A bright and creative mind is an important thing for a dominant to have, and especially when it comes to bondage, good spacial awareness and an ability to visualise how the body moves and how bondage works are very useful skills.  He knows that if he ties her into the cage in a certain way, he will still be able to use her tight cunt and arse for his own pleasure.

He ties our slut’s arms and legs to the bars of the cage, and utilises two attachment points in the floor, to pull her firm ass out of the cage towards him, allowing him full access.  He takes advantage of this first of all by spanking her, turning her bottom bright red, and then giving her the hard fucking that she has been craving since the first rope touched her sensitive body.

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posted by on August 19th, 2011

There is that moment in a bdsm scene, just after the restraints go on, before anything else happens.  That is a powerful moment for both dominant and submissive.  Anything could happen, this scene could take them anywhere, it could be lighthearted and fun, or a scene which pushes both to their mental and physical limits.

Cherry Torn is bound, arms behind her back, pushing her full breasts out, inviting play.  She knows there is about to be pain, maybe on her breasts, more than probably on her thighs, thanks to the wicked elastic bands on them.  She can use this moment of anticipation to calm herself, to prepare to be pushed.

When he walks around her, the tension builds, she knows the first stroke of the whip could land at any moment, anywhere on her exposed body.  He knows that this messes with her head, so draws it out, swinging the flogger through the air a few times, without hitting her.

Then he binds her carefully in rope in another position.   She knows that only one thing can happen now, she’s going to get fucked.  Her pussy starts getting wet, as she waits for him, this is the worst tease of all.

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Bondage for Sex

posted by on August 05th, 2011

Bondage is sexy, and that’s why we do it!  Sure, there’s a lot of gorgeous tied up girls in beautiful rope bondage around on the internet, but I’m betting you get horny looking at them!  But most of these ladies seem to be left alone, not having anything done to them, and definately not being fucked.

blonde bondage whore in rope

I’m not sure why this is.  Some bondage, especially suspension make fucking just so easy!  With a beautiful girl like Nicki Blue tied up in your ropes, wouldn’t you want to fuck her?  She is entirely helpless and vulnerable, but every part of her is accessable as well.  With her legs tied out, you can easily get in and fuck her tight little ass and pussy.   And of course, you can still spank that sexy butt as you use her.

facefucked in suspension

And her head is at a perfect angle for you to fuck her pretty little blonde face.  As long as you have a good grip on the ropes, she’s not going anywhere, and you can move her as fast or as slow as you want, pulling her deeper onto your cock, filling up her mouth.  She can’t struggle, she can’t do anything other than be your very own little sex doll.

Nicki Blue sucks cock

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Sybian Blowjob

posted by on July 08th, 2011

Cute, tattooed slave Mahina Zaltana knows that she’s in for the sexual experience of her life when she arrives at her Master’s dungeon on this particular day.  He has ropes and gags set out on the table, and the Sybian in the middle of the room.  The sybian is always intense, but when combined with bondage, it really puts a girl in a position of being entirely vulnerable to her sexual expression.  She cannot fight as wave after wave of forced orgasm washes over her.

It’s not long before Mahina is bound, her big tits tied tightly, increasing their sensitivity, causing her nipples to poke out.  Seeing his submissive like this, her Master gets very turned on and decides to use her mouth as she rides the sybian.  She licks the head of his cock before slowly taking all of him into her mouth, right down her throat.  But it’s not long until she’s sucking greedily, like a slut as she is so overwhelmed by the vibration of the machine beneath her and the love of her Master’s cock in her mouth.  It’s not long until they both reach their final climax, and he covers her face in his cum.

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Hot Wax Torture

posted by on July 01st, 2011

Switches get looked down a lot often in the BDSM community, but they bring an extra element of understanding to their play either as submissive or dominant.  Sexy brunette, Crystel Lei is an experience submissive, but she is able to bring that knowledge of being on the receiving end, to her play as a Mistress as well.

Little Miss Chaos is bound and left in the sadistic hands of Mistress Crystel and she knows that she’s not in for an easy ride.  Our blonde slave is apprehensive as she see the candles being lit, but she knows she can’t get away, she is here until Mistress is done with her.  She has to submit to whatever tortures are deemed appropriate

Crystel has been on the receiving end of hot wax many times before, and knows exactly where to direct the drips for maximum impact.  She drips the wax over Chaos’ most sensitive parts, her inner thighs, her tiny boobs and eventually working down to her exposed, shaved pussy.  Chaos squirms and screams as she tries to process the pain, but she is in the hands of an expert now, a sadistic switch who is out for revenge!

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