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Pissing and Drinking

posted by on November 19th, 2010

From a young age we are taught that piss is dirty.  That we should only do it in the toilet, and definately not in front of other people.  We should definately NOT play with our piss.

Sometimes however what we are taught from a young age is wrong.  Watersports and other types of piss play can be a very powerful tool in training a slave.  It teaches them on a very basic level that everything they have been told up to now cannot be taken as a sure thing.  It teaches a slave that they shouldn’t be afraid to be dirty, and by having them piss in front of you, it shows them that they have no privacy.

Check out this video to see Cherry Torn made to piss in a bowl – a dogs bowl no less – and then play with it.  Taking it into her mouth, and licking it up off the floor where she missed the bowl.