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Hot Wax Torture

posted by on July 01st, 2011

Switches get looked down a lot often in the BDSM community, but they bring an extra element of understanding to their play either as submissive or dominant.  Sexy brunette, Crystel Lei is an experience submissive, but she is able to bring that knowledge of being on the receiving end, to her play as a Mistress as well.

Little Miss Chaos is bound and left in the sadistic hands of Mistress Crystel and she knows that she’s not in for an easy ride.  Our blonde slave is apprehensive as she see the candles being lit, but she knows she can’t get away, she is here until Mistress is done with her.  She has to submit to whatever tortures are deemed appropriate

Crystel has been on the receiving end of hot wax many times before, and knows exactly where to direct the drips for maximum impact.  She drips the wax over Chaos’ most sensitive parts, her inner thighs, her tiny boobs and eventually working down to her exposed, shaved pussy.  Chaos squirms and screams as she tries to process the pain, but she is in the hands of an expert now, a sadistic switch who is out for revenge!

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Pervertable Pegs

posted by on June 24th, 2011

Pegs are such useful toys to use in SM play.  Most people have loads of them laying around the house from doing laundry, but they can be used to great effect on a willing submissive.  Pegs create a sharp pain as they are attached to the body, but it doesn’t stop there, the pain continues to build as the pegs are left on for longer and longer.

As this brunette slut is learning at the hands of her lesbian mistress, pegs can be left on while, as other things  are inflicted on her. Forced to suck on a dildo that she has just been fucked with is humiliating for her, but she knows that the worst of the torture is yet to come, when the pegs are removed.

The Mistress is in no mood to be gentle and open the pegs before removing them.  Making the slave hold the dildo in her mouth as a gag, the bitch domme just brushes the pegs off, causing a lot of pain as they pull the skin before coming off.  Not all the pegs come off at first try though, and the submissive has to endure a lot of discomfort before her Mistress is satisfied.

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Dressed for the Occasion

posted by on April 01st, 2011

When setting a bdsm scene, clothing can make a very big impact on the minds of the participants.  For the Mistress, she should chose clothing which makes her feel powerful and sexy, the slave should choose (or have chosen for her) clothing which emphasises her position, which makes her feel more vulnerable.

Usually a slave will end up naked by the end of play, but sometimes it is even more powerful to keep her semi-clothed.  Total nudity, apart from collar and cuffs can be very visually pleasing, and removes anything that the submissive can hide behind, but keeping some of her clothes on, just pushing them to one side, shoving them out of the way can also send a very powerful message.

This message is made even clearer when the Mistress keeps her clothing on and neatly arranged.  As you can see in the above photos, this gorgeous asian Domme is immaculately clothed, reinforcing the blonde submissive’s humiliation as she has her dress just pushed up to expose her ass for the painful flogging she is due.

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