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Tightly Tied Tits

posted by on April 22nd, 2011

Bondage doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective.  Sometimes just a short length of rope and some cable ties will get the job done.

Emma is a dirty cunt.  You only have to look at her to know what sort of girl she is.  She just makes you want to hurt her, to use and abuse her.  So you keep it simple.  Rope around her wrists, attaching her to the ceiling, pulling her up onto her toes, leaving her vulnerable.  Cable ties encircling those ample tits.  The plastic cutting in, torture in themselves.

Now you’ve got her where you want her, make sure she’s labelled up as the cunt she is.  She’s yours to do with as you wish.  You can overload her with pain, or with pleasure.  Slap those swollen tits, pinch her erect nipples, rub her clit, fuck her with a dildo.

Either way, it doesn’t matter, whether it’s pain or pleasure, she’s going to be overwhelmed by the time you’ve finished with her.  After one orgasm, or two, or three forced out of her, that vibrator she was begging for moments ago becomes a torture she can barely tolerate now.  Eventually she’ll have to give in to you.

Her legs give way and you lower her to the floor, but that’s not the end…… You’ve got much more planned for this cunt.

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Messy Girl!!

posted by on April 15th, 2011

An important aspect of slave training is always punishment, and there are times when the punishment can be adapted easily to fit the crime.  This way the slave can really learn the lesson which is being taught.

Skinny slave girl Emily Sharp has displeased her Master by making an really poor effort of cooking for him.  The mash was lumpy, the sausages were cold, and the carrots were raw!  He took this as a good time to teach the brunette submissive a serious lesson in respect.

After being securely bound to the chair and having the wine poured over her head, stinging her eyes and making her mascara run, she is gagged with the disgusting sausages.  She’s not able to scream out through the food in her mouth while her nipples and clit are placed in suction cups.  Her extra sensitive parts are then tortured with the eroscilator, causing her to squirm and fight to get away, but there is no esecape from her punishment.  Finally the last of the dinner is arranged on her head, before she is left to suffer, and think of her failures.

More of Emily’s torments on on ThePainFiles

Fit and Healthy Slaves

posted by on February 25th, 2011

It is very important for slaves to keep fit and healthy, to ensure they are able to keep up with the demands of their Owner.  But at times, when not subject to constant supervision, slaves can get lazy and forget about their important exercise rituals, and in those cases, some serious intervention is required.

Forcing a submissive through her exercises while adding various types of pain can remind her that she should be taking responsibility for her own fitness, rather than burdening her Owner with more work in keeping her fit. Pegs on her nipples while she does start jumps will cause pain as they bounce around. Cropping and caning her will distract her, making a simple workout so much harder and make her wish she had just done the workout on her own.

Of course, sometimes it is just amusing to make a chubby slave to exercise for your amusement, and of course, sometimes that’s all you need!  To watch her sweating, and getting out of breath, while you push her harder and harder!

Big Tits, Hot Wax

posted by on February 11th, 2011

There are just so many great fun things to do with big tits that you can’t do with small tits.  When you bind them tight, their sensitivity increases dramatically,  and just a gentle tap can be incredibly painful.  However, they can also be incredibly useful once tied tight, as they are incredibly firm.  As you can see in this video, this big titted, tattooed slave has her breasts bound, and she’s then put to use as a candle holder.


Once her breasts are tightly tied and covered in hot wax, she is turned into a piece of furniture to be used as decoration for her Master’s dungeon.  But he soon gets bored of this and decides to remove the solid wax from her breasts with a cane, while she squeals and squirms because of the pain on her swollen tits.

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Pissing and Drinking

posted by on November 19th, 2010

From a young age we are taught that piss is dirty.  That we should only do it in the toilet, and definately not in front of other people.  We should definately NOT play with our piss.

Sometimes however what we are taught from a young age is wrong.  Watersports and other types of piss play can be a very powerful tool in training a slave.  It teaches them on a very basic level that everything they have been told up to now cannot be taken as a sure thing.  It teaches a slave that they shouldn’t be afraid to be dirty, and by having them piss in front of you, it shows them that they have no privacy.

Check out this video to see Cherry Torn made to piss in a bowl – a dogs bowl no less – and then play with it.  Taking it into her mouth, and licking it up off the floor where she missed the bowl.

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