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Bondage Devices

posted by on March 25th, 2011

Bondage devices don’t have to be intricate or extreme to work well.  Sometimes the simplest arrangements can hold  a slave exactly where you want them.  Brand new slave Holly discovers how restrictive wood and metal can be when she’s put into this stocks device on her first time in the dungeon.

In the first position, her high heels holding her up, it is mainly her tight ass that is exposed, as well as her back.  An ideal position for a good spanking and caning, and some face slapping.  But just a few adjustments to the device and it is her breasts and pussy that are available for torture now.  Not wishing to miss a perfect opportunity, her sadistic Master tightly binds her breasts, tying her back to the post to further restric her movement.

Her feet are shackeled wide apart, and her hands are held out at her sides, baring all her most sensitive parts to his whip.  The whip bites into her flesh, leaving welts on her thighs, her toned stomach, her bound tits and under her arms.  The huge gag in her mouth leaves her unable to scream out.

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