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Movement In Bondage

posted by on May 27th, 2011

Bondage can often be used to entirely restrain a submissive, allowing them no movement at all.  Sometimes though, it can be fun to just restrain them a little, allowing them room to wriggle and squirm in the ropes, but still not allowing them to go anywhere or do anything.

This blonde slave has her big tits tightly bound and her hands tied behind her, but she is still free to walk around, even leave her Master’s house if she dares, but with her hands tied like that, she wont be able to put any clothes on to cover up with!  So she has to decide if she wants to go outside and expose herself to the neighbours, or wait for her Master to decide he is done with having her bound.

After a while, her arms begin to feel the strain of the position, the burning aching of her muscles increases and she has to try to find some relief from the pain of her position.  Moving around helps for a while, she can take the strain off for a few moments, but then the burning muscles return and she must find a new position, with each one giving less break from the pain.

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