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Submissive vs Slaves

posted by on June 02nd, 2013

The  Submissive – The exercise of authority in the form of power and command by a top permits the masochist to volunteer . She is a person who accepts the leadership of a dominant guy and accepted . In this context, it is from the right to free decisions regarding most aspects within this relationship to that person. In this way is a power exchange of created artificially on an affectional level for a limited time instead – of course, up to the total power exchange . It is and remains a voluntary decision of the Masochist untwerwirft who they are and for what duration . A painslut to be so many rights – including the right to be respected as a person and also time to say no as well as the right to self-determination in their daily lives outside of the Sadomaso context.

The slave – This is a totally unfree person. It is not the freedom to choose the personal property of another, whom she wants to untwerwerfen . It is simply tied and labeled as such – is a slave state. Your entitled to any right of self-determination. The existence of a slave depends very much on whim of its owner from ultimately it is the property of a certain value . It will be quite appreciated and loved but it is always one person cause all the decisions for them. She has to accept all decisions of their Lord unconditionally . A relationship between master and slave is as long as it will not violate or sold.

Submissive vs Slaves

Creativity In The Cage

posted by on September 16th, 2011

Candy Mason is a gorgeous, big titted blonde who loves to play with rope and bondage, but she loves cages as well.  She loves to be tied and fucked, but quite often this is hard to do in a cage, especially her favourite standing cage.

However, on this occasion, her Master has a brilliant idea of how to combine all her favourite things.  A bright and creative mind is an important thing for a dominant to have, and especially when it comes to bondage, good spacial awareness and an ability to visualise how the body moves and how bondage works are very useful skills.  He knows that if he ties her into the cage in a certain way, he will still be able to use her tight cunt and arse for his own pleasure.

He ties our slut’s arms and legs to the bars of the cage, and utilises two attachment points in the floor, to pull her firm ass out of the cage towards him, allowing him full access.  He takes advantage of this first of all by spanking her, turning her bottom bright red, and then giving her the hard fucking that she has been craving since the first rope touched her sensitive body.

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posted by on September 09th, 2011

Bondage doesn’t have to be wrapping a slave up in rope until she cannot move.  Sometimes, the simplest and most fun bondage is the bondage that puts a slave in a position where she doesn’t want to move, for fear of causing herself more discomfort than she’s already in.  This is often referred to as predicament bondage, and can be very useful when training a slave not to move around and fidget when she should be holding position.

Emma-Louise is a skinny brunette slave who’s nervous moving around often annoys her Dominant quite badly, so she is taken into the dungeon in order to try and train this habit out of her.  Her Master begins by attatching pegs to her nipples and pussy lips, and attaching them by elastic strings to the winch over head.  As he lifts the winch, she follows up, until she is resting in a crab position.

Once she is there, any movement she makes pulls on the pegs and causes her pain.  The only way she can stop the pegs pulling is to hold perfectly still.  It’s easy to begin with, but over time her muscles begin to tire and she must work hard to hold position.

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Multi Purpose Canes

posted by on September 02nd, 2011

Canes are such a wonderful toy, but they have gained a reputation for only being good for use in spanking and corporal punishment scenes.  It’s such a shame because they can be used for so many different things, as pierced slave Michiko finds out on this trip to the dungeon.  She starts out getting lots of taps of a very thin whippy cane all over her bottom.  This stings a lot and makes her scream out

She’s still strung up by her wrists in the torture room and then the canes move away from their normal use and are used to squeeze her big boobs tightly between.  They put huge pressure on her tits, pushing them forwards and increasing the blood flow to them.  This makes them even more sensitive than they are normally, by tying the canes together, you can leave them in place while her tits are tortured.

Finally, our Asian slave girl’s Master finds one more use for the canes he has on hand today.  He threads them through the piercings on her cunt, and uses them as a bizarre restraint.  The girl has to be very careful how she moves now, as each step she takes will pull on her shaved pussy.

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Electro Shock Sex

posted by on August 26th, 2011

Chanta Rose has a lot of experience of handling difficult submissives, but when Laila Mason arrives in the dungeon, this experienced Mistress faces a challenge like she’s never faced before.  Laila has never done any form of bdsm before, she’s never been tied up and she has definately never had electric shocks applied to her most delicate parts.

Chanta is not one to go easy on the new girls though and it’s not long before Laila’s true personality comes through as she is bound, legs spread to a pallet and has her tender pussy flogged for Chanta’s amusement.  She can handle the pain, and she enjoys it, but this girl is not submissive.  She fights her bonds and talks back to her Domme.  It’s not unusual for a new girl to not know how she is going to react to things. The fantasy of submitting to someone is very different to the reality of it.

When Chanta inserts an electrical plug into the slut’s pussy, she knows the pain is only going to increase, and her phsycial pleasure is going to get more and more, but her head is still fighting what is happening.  Realising you are at the mercy of another person is a scary thing, and some girls struggle to deal with what it means to them.

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