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Submissive vs Slaves

posted by on June 02nd, 2013

TheĀ  Submissive – The exercise of authority in the form of power and command by a top permits the masochist to volunteer . She is a person who accepts the leadership of a dominant guy and accepted . In this context, it is from the right to free decisions regarding most aspects within this relationship to that person. In this way is a power exchange of created artificially on an affectional level for a limited time instead – of course, up to the total power exchange . It is and remains a voluntary decision of the Masochist untwerwirft who they are and for what duration . A painslut to be so many rights – including the right to be respected as a person and also time to say no as well as the right to self-determination in their daily lives outside of the Sadomaso context.

The slave – This is a totally unfree person. It is not the freedom to choose the personal property of another, whom she wants to untwerwerfen . It is simply tied and labeled as such – is a slave state. Your entitled to any right of self-determination. The existence of a slave depends very much on whim of its owner from ultimately it is the property of a certain value . It will be quite appreciated and loved but it is always one person cause all the decisions for them. She has to accept all decisions of their Lord unconditionally . A relationship between master and slave is as long as it will not violate or sold.

Submissive vs Slaves